Personal story:

Creativity and a connection to nature were encouraged from a young age; I grew up playing in the garden and camping most of the summer and reading every book I could get my hands on. My mom taught me basic sewing skills and my brothers and I worked in the woodshop with dad. So it’s probably no surprise that I fell in love with all things art related and have moved through several different media. I started focusing on drawing in about the sixth grade, and kept that focus up through my IB art classes in high school, although I was already starting to branch out with some basic fibers and ceramics works. I started at Kansas City Art Institute with my major completely undecided, split between illustration and fibers. Foundations was a time of great exploration; it was during the life drawing workshop I took second semester that I realized drawing all day every day wasn’t nearly as fun as I had thought it would be, and the sculpture and screen-printing workshops that followed it reinforced my interest in working three dimensionally. And so I ended up in the Fibers department, where I continue to direct my work into a more focus collection.

Artists Statement:

Art for me is all about working with my hands and really experiencing the process, so techniques like hand-dying and printing fabric and drafting or draping my own patterns are very important to me. I really enjoy the freedom and sense of accomplishment of being able to take something from a mere idea to a drawing and up to a physical object.

When I am creating garments, I want them to blur the lines between costume and fashion, drawing heavily from my interest in alternative fashions and subcultures such as the Steampunk, Lolita, and Mori girl styles. Although the pieces I create may not always fit into these styles, the fairytale quality behind them is the same.  Because of the extreme customization enabled by fibers techniques, I am able to create designs where the construction and surface design are co-dependent. I draw my inspiration primarily from nature and fashion history, and am always looking for new structures and patterns that can be found there.