Who is my target audience?

I am hoping my art can be seen by other artists and designers, people with an appreciation for and interest in fiber arts.

What is expressed?

I want to share my works from start to finish, and seek a response to them from outside the fibers department of kcai.

How will it be organized?

Chronologically, first I will update already completed projects, in order, than continue to add projects as they are progress. Posts will include large and detail shots to fully express the pieces’ personality and features, as well as comments and explanation on inspiration and goals for each work. Each post will be categorized as completed or in progress, and the tagging system will label project types as well as any series or groupings so that they can be viewed in context with each other if desired. Posts/projects will not be labeled according to the class they were created for, since that isn’t important for outsiders, however if something was created for an outside organization or contest, a label for that will be included, as well as links.