I love the simplicity and clean presentation of work in this site. I really like the ever changing, almost random montage of images, but wish there was a way to get more information on the individual pieces. It also has a vertical header for navigation, which is something I might start thinking about.            This blog allows posts to be viewed in two columns, side by side. Although it comes across as a bit ADD-inducing and difficult to visually navigate at first, I think if applied correctly it could be really useful for viewing specific groups of posts together, such as in the tagged view of my blog posts. I like the idea of being able to view two or more works side by side instead of scrolling down and viewing them linearly. Maybe simply putting the posts in boxes could help with visually separating them for viewing/reading purposes.            I like that the front page serves no purpose besides displaying some work/creating interest. It really sets the tone for the site, which as a whole ties in very well with the portfolio work. I also like that there is a simple method for viewing work that is grouped similarly to the work you are currently looking at.            Almost the entire website exists in the top section; you can get all the information you need without scrolling or searching. I also really like that only the right half of the website changes on the different pages.            I like having the vertical navigation bar on the right side instead of the left where you normally see it. I also like that the pieces in the portfolio can be grouped either by service or experience, allowing viewers to see the works in different contexts depending on what is relevant to them.            The most recent work is featured on main page, quickly drawing viewers’ attention and creating interest. The rest of work is not featured, but is easily available.            This blog feels very personable, like the author is speaking directly to you. I am very drawn to the friendly atmosphere.            This site has a strong aesthetic appeal to me. I like that they chose a theme and took it to the maximum without feeling cheesy or getting in the way of functionality.            This site features a beautiful, welcoming page design that only shows one post at a time. This shortens page and keeps it simple, which I love. Posts are tagged and archived in an easily accessible way.            LOVE the header! The way it blends into secondary header at top of page, but then travels down the page with you in that cloud shape when you scroll is super cool. It’s also very practical, keeping important links constantly available no matter where you are on the page.            I like the page division and repeating side “header.” It is very easy to navigate and find things.            An email form on main page allows for super easy contact. This could be very useful.            I like the simple categorization represented by large(ish) images and a title. My front page should resemble this page.            This site automatically shows a large image and thumbnails for other works. This is exactly what I want my portfolio to do. It would be especially cool to have the large image be a random selection, and be different each time the page is visited.            This artist shows work from multiple media – fibers and illustrative. Her inclusion of hobbies gives a personal insight, in much the same way sharing inspirations might.            This blog design very clever and well integrated. Multiple views are available for most things in portfolio, giving the viewer more information is always best.            This blogger has just a couple recent posts fully visible, then more that are partly visible and smaller at the bottom. This allows for a maximum amount of posts to be immediately available, hopefully creating more interest and leading to more attention for the individual posts.                        I love the formatting of the boxes: their rounded corners, and the way photos appear to sit on top of posts rather than inside them. The customized round buttons are a nice touch.            This blog displays a lot of attention to detail, with the fonts, background pattern, and embellishments all working together to create the atmosphere. It makes for a very lovely style.                           I like that these pages are short, with minimal scrolling. I would like to emphasize this by trying to eliminate scrolling completely on certain pages of my site.             I like the use of customized fonts on these sites. These font styles are personally appealing to me.